Ophelia 2(51828)

Andria Kyriakidou [51826]

Andria Kyriakidou was born in Paphos in 1993. She lives and works in Athens. She graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and is completing her specialization in Special Education. She works as a teacher of art and an educator for people with autism, kinetic and mental disabilities. In her work she approaches human weaknesses and difficulties. She has collaborated with various artists on the creation of new projects, including Alexandra Bachzetsis at MoMA and Sergio Zevallos at documenta 14.

Selected Exhibitions
2017 SCORPIO RISING, Daily Lazy Projects, Athens 2017 8th Student Biennale of the Fine Arts Schools of Greece, Centre of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece
2017 Stoart (National Insurance Contest), Korai 4, Athens
2016 Hidden Indexes #12: UDK&ASFA - No Smoking Inside, w-GCMBERG-WEG 12, Berlin