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Edith Torony [53924]

Edith Torony was born in 1988 in Timișoara, Romania, where she lives and works. She earned her BA and MA in Painting from the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara. She has been a member of the Romanian Union of Artists, Timisoara branch, since 2011. In 2019 Estopia Art Gallery, Bucharest, showcased her solo exhibition, Hybrid Playground. She has presented her works in other solo exhibitions at Forma Gallery, Deva, in 2019; Pygmalion Gallery in 2018 and Calpe Gallery, in 2014, Timișoara, among others. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions at Triade Gallery and Helios Gallery in Timișoara; Museum of Art, Arad; Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca; European Parliament, Brussels; Marzia Frozen Gallery, Berlin etc. She has won the rst prize for Painting at the Meeting Point International Biennial in Arad in 2017.
Edith Torony’s works allude to any peripheric urban area of our globalized world: what mostly strikes in these almost surrealist compositions, with insertions of pop art, is their strange and familiar air. While looking at them, you cannot but recognize objects, fragments or just allusions to everything that in our urban space is identified as surplus, useless or superfluous. That is, the reminiscences of consumerism, of which we don’t know how to get rid of as soon as possible, and which, most of the times, end by being exiled at the margins of our world, extra muros. What would it be like if all these reminiscences of our daily waste would recompose by themselves a world of their own? Edith Torony’s works recreate exactly this world, in a sort of archaeology of urban periphery.