Self & Identity, & Origins(51823)

Ioannis Kouzapas [51822]

Ioannis Kouzapas was born in Larnaca in 1994. He lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He studied Fine Arts at Alexander College, University of the West of England with a scholarship, and is completing his postgraduate studies at the Utrecht University of Arts. His research concerns elements of everyday life in the light of philosophical and psychological theories. He uses various media, such as video, sound, installations, writing and sketch, while his work has strong references to science, history and politics, as well as to pop culture.

Selected Exhibitions
2017 Depth Elevation, Peri Technis, Larnaca
2016 Fragile Land, Cypriot Corner Gallery, Larnaca
2015 Chatbox, Cornaro Art Institute, Larnaca
2010-2013 Larnaca Graffiti Festival, Larnaca