Perfectly Natural(53806)

Maria Nalbantova [53805]

Born in 1990 in Sofia, where she lives and works. She graduated from the National Academy of Art, Sofia, with an MA in Illustration. In 2012 she did an exchange semester at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Spain. Her pop-up artist book Black Bears for White Days / White Bears for Black Days won the Best Publishing category at HP Inkspiration Awards by DSCOOP 2017, Bulgaria. She was nominated for the 2019 BAZA Award for Contemporary Art in Bulgaria.
She works with different media such as found and constructed objects, experimental books, photography, painting, drawing, textile, embroidery and video. She combines various materials to form organic unity between objects and two-dimensional images.
Selected exhibitions
2019 BAZA Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia
2019 The Goods of the Time, Goethe Institut, Sofia
2019 Interconnection: On Bodies of Water, Swimming Pool Art Space, Sofia
2019 Carbon, The Red Dot Depot & Gallery, Sofia 2018 Weather Forecast, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia