The Earth Paradox(53598)

Marina Aristotel [53597]

Born in 1985, she lives and works in Bucharest. She graduated in Painting from the National University of Arts, Bucharest, in 2015, and earned her MA in the same eld in 2017. She participated in several group exhibitions such as, in Bucharest, Death, LaBorna Gallery; Diploma, Palatul Știrbei, and Atelier 19&34, Visual Arts Center; Spatial Activity Studio 9, a workshop held by prof. Slawomir Brzsoska and Rafal Gorczynski, from Poznan University, at UNA Galeria, in 2017; and An Abstract Feeling, 418 Gallery, 2016, among others. Estopia Art Gallery presented her solo exhibitions, AASAMBLAJ, Bucharest, 2019, and Colour Splinters, Lugano, 2020.
Trained as a painter, she oriented herself towards resin as main technique, while experimenting with installation and other media and techniques. Her new series, #AASAMBLAJ, brings forward a new approach, which combines painting, layering and assemblage, while focusing on abstraction as the means to best express her artistic vision. In this new series, the resin displays are primary pieces to showcase a singular moment framed, instilled in time and mind, unalterable by the outside world, while the superposition of various layers provide a cross section of moments, colors and emotions: an experimental collage, where initial impulse and geometric control meet into a surprisingly vivid show of chromatic explorations, light and shapes.
The Earth Paradox is a metaphor of how different perceptions on our world converge: is the earth round or at? How objective can our image of the planet be? What we gather ultimately is a puzzle of images that bring together stripes of what we think our world is like. And if we see it through a magnifying glass, suddenly it turns into a magical green realm of a surreal beauty.