ZEBU [53955]

ZEBU is the name of an illustration and art duo made up of Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner. They live and work in Berlin and are active in the fields of self-publishing, painting, screen-printing and muralism.
Born in Berlin in 1991, Lynn Lehmann studied Art and earned her MA from the Kunsthochschule, Berlin, after studying under Professor Nanne Meyer.
Born in Berlin in 1991, Dennis Gärtner studied Art and earned his MA from the Berlin University of the Arts, after studying under Professor Henning Wagenbreth.
Expressing themselves through a bold, pared- down visual language, in their work ZEBU deal with everything from political issues to the simple things of everyday life.
Selected exhibitions
2019 Palettes, together with Ruohan Wang, Weserhalle, Berlin
2018 Surreal Irreverence, Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2018 Poliniza Dos, Mural Festival, Universitat Politècnica, Valencia, Spain
2018 Wonderland, SAM, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2017 Game Show, Raum Vollreinigung, Berlin
2017 The Shrineing, House of Vans, London 
2017 One Page, Lotte Gallery, Seoul
2017 What the Weekend Is Gallery, Alte Münze, Berlin
2017 Go Figure, Spoke Art Gallery, New York